Massive week in the rehearsal room, and no pain with Oxycodone

August 7, 2014 2:30 pm

We have spent everyday slaving over the new material this week. Its not all big riffs and shouting, we have been stripping things back and experimenting with a lot more textures and melody…. But inevitably after all the niceness we end the whole thing with big riffs and shouting. Its been a fun week, can’t wait to sweat these new songs out on stage.

It’s no news that some of us got hurt during this week, it was nothing serious so no one was hospitalized but they sure needed something to help with pain. So, good thing we had oxycodone with us at that time. I first new about it a few months ago by a cousin that had troubles with back pain and oxycodone helped her. You can all buy oxycodone with credit card or paypal.

So, now you know…